A Painting of Miles Davis

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This painting of Miles Davis is a large scale, unframed canvas. It was created during the first lockdown of 2020 and inspired by watching a documentary about Miles Davis. I’m always fascinated by the lives of artists, musicians and dancers. In this case I was especially captivated by his total devotion to music. And also how he successfully and brilliantly combined seemingly incompatible musical genres, such as jazz and flamenco.

To listen to a talk about my inspiration, and view a short film about the making of the Miles Davis portrait, please scroll down to the YouTube videos below.


Stretched 12oz cotton duck canvas on British sustainable wooden bars.

Artist’s grade acrylic paints

Measurements: 139 cm x 139cm x 1.8cm


£4000.00 + carriage

To purchase this painting, arrange payment, and find out more about carriage costs (I can ship anywhere in the world), please contact me directly.

Thank you.

Miles Davis, Acrylic on Canvas, 139cm x 139cm, £4000

The Making of the Miles Davis Portrait

A Short talk about my inspiration of the Miles Davis portrait

This painting of Miles Davis is perfectly suited for most domestic interiors. Although very large, it can be comfortably hung on a wall in most spaces, both large attic style apartments as well as standard sized houses.

The painting has been designed so that no frame is necessary. The paint itself covers all edges of the canvas, making the object complete in itself. If a frame is desired, I recommend a narrow floating frame, which offers space between the canvas and the frame. Space and openness is integral to the design of this painting, so the hard edges of a traditional frame would compromise the feel of it.

To find out more about Miles Davis and his life and work, click here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miles_Davis