A Painting of Sheku Kaneh-Mason

A painting of the sublime British cellist, Sheku Kaneh-Mason.

View the beautiful and moving film of the creation of this painting:

I can’t say it enough – my main inspiration in life is music. I’m not a musician (except, perhaps, a mediocre pianist), but music is my driving force through life. I’m always looking inspiration in the world of music, not just for paintings, but for life itself.

I first became aware of Sheku Kaneh Mason when I saw his performance in the Young Musician of the Year competition in 2016. His supreme musicianship won him the competition. But what struck me most profoundly was his very obvious and effortless connection to something beyond himself, which came through the music itself. I could wax lyrical endlessly about the very special nature of this, but instead I created this painting to demonstrate the ecstatic nature of music felt at the deepest level by this exceptional young musician.

Please scroll down for a mini ‘tour’ of the painting, with close-ups


Stretched 12oz cotton duck canvas on British sustainable wooden bars.

Artist’s grade acrylic paints

152cm x 109cm x 1.8cm



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