A Painting of Derek Dunn

Derek Dunn is a Principal Dancer with Boston Ballet, USA.

To view the beautiful, creative process of this painting:

This painting is the second in my series of male ballet dancers. Having trained professionally as a ballet dancer, I instinctively understand good balletic form – not just the shape of the body itself, but the ability of the dancer to create perfect form in their movement. I spend hours and hours seeking the perfect moment in time which will translate into a comprehensible ballet painting.

This dancer’s pose was not what I was officially looking for, but when I saw the photo I was so bowled over by the beauty of it, I had to deviate from my mission in order to paint it. One of the things that was so striking to me is this beautiful and relaxed presentation of a highly arched foot. Such a foot is coveted by all ballet dancers and appreciators of the art form, and I carefully placed the very tip of the toe on the edge of the canvas. It is visual precision, like the single strike of perfectly tuned bell.

Derek very graciously gave me permission to create a painting from his beautiful photograph.


Stretched 12oz cotton duck canvas on British sustainable wooden bars.

Artist’s grade acrylic paints and pure platinum metal leaf.

Measurements: 100cm x 100cm x 1.8cm


Not currently for sale. Part of a collection being currently prepared for exhibition.

To purchase this painting, arrange payment, and find out more about carriage costs (I can ship anywhere in the world), please contact me directly.

Thank you.