Nadezhda creates contemporary portraits using acrylic paints on canvas.  Sizes of portraits range from a vast 140cm, to more a more intimate 14cm.  Nadezhda accepts commisions of any subject, and also creates her own works for exhibition and sale.

Nadezhda’s portraits have a sensitive simplicity which allows the character and emotion of the subject to shine forth.  The muted grey tones with well-chosen accents of bright colour, combined with large areas of space and an uncluttered design are what make these portraits truly unique and powerful.

Nadezhda trained as a professional ballet dancer in London before pursuing a career in the visual arts.  She studied for a degree in Calligraphy and Bookbinding, specialising in manuscript books, gilding, and miniature painting.

After 15 years of working as a calligrapher and designer, a powerful face created a life-changing impact, igniting the intense desire to create a portrait.  The resulting and imposing painting, ‘Il Catalizzatore’ (The Catalyst – not for sale) was the first to be created and can only be viewed by appointment at the artist’s studio, alongside other works, most of which are for sale.

Nadezhda’s distinctive and untraditional style of portraiture is the pinnacle of all the many techniques and disciplines she has studied over the years.  Her lifelong fascination with people and humanity is explored and offered to her audience with particular and warm attention given to the human male.  Other subjects, often startling and challenging also confront the viewer, asking us to consider our perceptions and ideas of others.